Incarnations #025 (Deep Ones), 2013

Incarnations #024 (Hydra), 2013

Incarnations #023 (Hunting horrors), 2013

Incarnations #022 (Flying polyp), 2013

Incarnations #021 (Old Ones), 2013


Yoshimitsu Umekawa (born 1976, Tokyo) is a photographer who lives and works in Tokyo. Since 1999, he has worked mainly in the field of commercial art including culture and music magazines, CD covers, fashion, advertisements and has exhibited as a freelance photographer. Excelling at portraits of musicians (including Daft Punk, Rammellzee, Kool Keith and Missy Elliott), he has been photographing club culture and the hip hop scene in Japan for the last 10 years. In 2012, he started to focus on creating his own artwork and self-published his debut photo book 'LEAVE ME ALONE' in an unconventional format. In the same year, his new series of work 'Incarnations' made the cover of 'TRANSIENCE - Art Issue 004' by Lodown Magazine (an art and culture magazine from Berlin, Germany). Also in 2012, another controversial photo book titled 'DRIP BOMB' was published by ERECT LAB.

2012 "DRIP BOMB," published by ERECT LAB., Tokyo, Japan
2012 "LEAVE ME ALONE," self-published, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Nominated for HIPHOP VIDEO "2010 SPACE SHOWER TV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS" / TETRAD THE GANG OF FOUR / LAILA dir. yoshimitsu umekawa.
2009 "Amebreak AWARDS 2009 BEST VIDEOs" / MIC AKIRA / ILLBOYFRIEND pt.1 (album ver.) feat. NIPPS dir. yoshimitsu umekawa
2014 "Here is ZINE tokyo BANGKOK" TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS, curated by Enlightment, Tokyo, Japan
2013 "Good Buy Photo !," BA-TSU ART GALLERY, curated by EYESCREAM Magazine,Tokyo, Japan
2012 "WELLDONE," Raum 1F, Tokyo, Japan
2012 "STREET THAN PARADISE," Moscow Lounge, Tokyo, Japan
2009 "Good to be mummy," YAMAMOTO GENDAI, curated by Chim↑Pom, Tokyo, Japan
2009 "100 Photographers 2009 Love&Peace," curated by COMMERCIAL PHOTO, Tokyu Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
2007 "POCKET FILMS Festival in Japan," Theme Program, Shinko Kaijyo, Yokohama, Japan
2007 "THE ROYAL HOUSE exhibition," MONKY GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2007 "FANCY HEAD," 2 persons exhibition with Kensei Yabuno, BEAMS GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
2005 "FREMED," curated by SURFACE TO AIR, BBS, Tokyo, Japan
2005 "N.W.B.A Public/image.," YAMAHA EXREALM, Tokyo, Japan
2004 "TORI EXHIBITION," tranqroom, Kyoto, Japan
2004 "CPF meet TORI EXHIBITION," CPF, Tokyo, Japan
Umekawa by Yosuke Hayashi, Kurando Furuya